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5 Reasons That Should Convince You to Acquire Chamber Vacuum Sealers   by Marc L. Scott

in Home / Home Accessories    (submitted 2011-07-16)

Although some people might consider chamber vacuum sealers as excessive for the requirements of the home, there are actually several convincing reasons to get them instead of the more lightweight models. They are much more stable and durable, easier to use and can produce more vacuum packed bags. On top of all that, it is a breeze to pack liquids such as juices and wine in them.

Chamber vacuum sealers are sturdier built and more hefty.

Due to the fact that these machines are box-like in construction and made of stronger materials, they can withstand more use and can last longer with the proper care. Although you may pay slightly more for them, if you select the model well, you eventually save on repairs and replacements.

Chamber vacuum packers are made for moderately intense packing activities.

If your vacuum packing needs are frequent, the flimsier portable vacuum sealers may not serve well. Your best choice will be chamber models which are closer in construction to commercial vacuum packers. These machines often have more than one chamber into which a bag may be placed. In other words, you can process several bags with one motion of your hand. The result of that is having to exert less effort to produce more vacuum packed items.

Chamber vacuum sealers are able to process liquids as well as solids.

The suctioning mechanism of chamber sealers is more evenly applied. In fact, the entire area in the box is vacuumed out and not just the bags. Because the force is not done directly on the bag, its contents are not disturbed and liquids can be cleanly packed. In addition to this, the bags are propped up in the chambers so that liquids do not spill out.

The extent of the vacuum in chamber vacuum sealers can be modified and programmed.

With these models, you can modify the intensity of the vacuum propagated in the bag. At the same time, the intensities you ordinarily use can be programmed and implemented at the flick of a switch or button. No guesswork is needed and you get precisely the environment in the bag that you desire.

The results produced by chamber vacuum sealers are more uniform.

Neither the bag nor the suction power in these devices is manually manipulated. Therefore, across all the vacuum packed items you produce, work is uniformly done. There is practically no chance for error if your first bag is correctly done since conditions will be the same and controlled by the machine for all the succeeding bags. With less chance for mistakes, it is possible to round up things on or ahead of time.

If you really want to have a good and long relationship with your vacuum sealer, get chamber vacuum sealers. These are built for more work than the lighter models. They are made of sturdier materials and will last longer. And once you master using them, all your vacuum packing activities will proceed uniformly and quickly. At the same time that you do less work, you can produce more bags.