Application Areas Of Vacuum Chambers

In the literary context, vacuum chambers can be defined as a sturdy enclosure which is used to release air and gases through a vacuum pump. The low pressure (vacuum) environment enables the technicians to carry out experiments or examine different mechanical devices. These Vacuum environments are also useful for vacuum coating or vacuum drying.

There are varying geometric shapes and sizes of the vacuum chambers. Some of the most popular ones that are used in the industrial and commercial purposes are -

- Spherical Chambers - These chambers are spherical in shape and feature multiple outlets.

- Box Chambers - Generally there are two types of box chambers - Rectangular chamber and Simple Box chamber. While the rectangular chamber is used for UHV applications and is commendable solution for medium vacuum operations, the simple box chambers offer viable solution at higher vacuum operations.

- Cylindrical Chambers- These come in two different types- Vertical Cylindrical Chamber and Horizontal Cylindrical Chamber.

These chambers are generally fabricated of metals. The chambers have many ports which are covered with vacuum flanges allowing specific instruments' installation in the walls of the chamber. In case of medium vacuum or even low applications, the instruments are affixed with objects called elastomer o-rings. In higher vacuum operations, the flanges feature robust steel knives which are welded onto the instruments. In the science of aircraft engineering, a different type of chamber is used which is known as Thermal Vacuum chamber. Not only in aircraft engineering industries or semi-conductor industries, the these chambers also find application in dental, medical, laboratory experiments as well.

Metals are the most prioritized material for construction of vacuum chambers. The metals that have solid strength, pressure handling capacities and high permeability attribute are few of the things considered while selecting the material. Some of the common materials that are used for fabricating these equipments are -

- Aluminum

- Stainless Steel

- Brass

- Glass

- High Density Ceramic

- Acrylic