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Comprehensive understanding of the measures to benefit farmers and other home appliances to the coun   by frbiz

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3 29 to 31, Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao during his inspection tour of Hubei that governments at all levels should actively expand rural consumption market. Subsidies to farmers through the implementation of

Home Appliances

, Farm machinery, cars and motorcycles to the countryside policies. Chen Shui-Xiang reflect the villagers: "buy household appliances, because of the village's aging power grid, the voltage is low,

Air conditioning

Not used. "He also reflected the issue of village roads go bad. If Chen Shui-Xiang's rise to prime attention, he immediately accompanied by relevant departments, said that" rural power grids and construction of rural roads to be placed on expanding domestic demand an important position, advance arrangements. "(China's Government on March 31 report)

For home appliances, agricultural machinery, automobiles and motorcycles to the countryside, "Hunan Daily" on March 31 released a report "

Bringing home appliances

Lee Kwok Wai Man "very general in place: farmers get affordable, enterprise was the market-economic development, the Government hearts of the people. Admittedly, this is bringing home appliances and other measures should be achieved good results, however, know that the Internet search, local implementation of these measures not only the progress of different results would be different. For example, from the media point of view, good progress in some places, very good, but progress in some areas was not smooth, but has led to many doubts and fears, as some media commentary said: issued "home appliances to the countryside" subsidy Farmers can not be agonizing, "home appliances to the countryside" should not be turned into one-shot deal, warning refurbished machine fish in troubled waters, farmers are not eliminating "waste" are, among others. The villager Chen Shui-Xiang reflect these facts to the Prime Minister also stated that if measures are not in place the relevant departments, work fine, however, a good mind for measures such as home appliances to the countryside, indeed may become a mere formality, not only unable to get satisfactory results, even will be counterproductive.

Explore some places are not in place, work fine, but the reason should not be overlooked point is, there are no real measures to fully clarify the nature of such appliances to the countryside.

Indeed, measures such as home appliances to the countryside, is currently an important measure to actively expand domestic demand, it can not be denied, do not have to deny. Through activities such as home appliances to the countryside, so that the backlog of business inventories to be released, stimulating domestic demand, expanding consumption, could help China's economy against the current global financial tsunami. However, be pointed out that actively expand domestic demand and household appliances to the countryside is only one main purpose of such measures, not only objective. Home appliances to the countryside and other measures also bear tangible benefits to farmers mission is to make the peasants will be benefited. Thus, by its very nature, it is not just a temporary economic boost domestic demand-control measures, it is a farmer works, people work, is thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, people oriented, promote balanced development of urban and rural major policy. In short, it is aimed at people