Five Common Causes Of Employee Turnover

Organizations do not want to deal will employee turnover. It drags the operation down. When a key employee leaves the organization, it slows down the entire operation. Other employees have to work double. They have to attend to their tasks and the tasks of the person who left.

High turnover rate can do a lot of damage to your organization than overworking your employees. One of which is the turnover cost. When you lose an employee, you need to look for someone new to fill the post. Although the person is qualified, you still need to train the person, consider a few errors during the operation, and go through the adjustment period.

Apart from the cost you incurred, it will also give you a bad image in the public. They will speculate about the reasons why your employees do not last long in the organization. They will question the management skill of the leaders of the organizations. Consequently, this will also affect the judgment of your potential investors.

In order to address this issue properly, you have to identify the reasons why there are employees who leave their jobs. Here are five of them:

1. The most common reason why employees leave a certain organization is that they see better opportunity elsewhere. Man has a growing desire to own more things and better pay can give them this. Apart from that, they are compelled to look for better pay because of financial needs.

2. Another reason could be that the employees are not happy with the organization. There are cases when employees leave the company even if they offer competitive salaries. This is because of the organization itself. The employee does not approve of the management style and they are unhappy with the culture of the organization. These factors can cause employees to say goodbye to the organization.

3. There are also cases when the employees leave because of their fellow employees or his superiors. Clashes of personalities are common in the workplace. When an employee can no longer stand the tension in the workplace, he may opt to leave the organization. It does not matter if he finally got his dream job or receiving a generous paycheck. If he no longer has peace of mind, he will look for another job.

4. It is man's nature to seek for growth. If he feels that there is no room for him to grow in a certain organization, he will look for a place where he can. However, this is not a factor for everyone. There are those who are contented to do the same thing even after ten years.

5. The condition of the organization could also be a factor. If it is unstable, the employees will surely look for a more stable organization. They would not want to stay long in an organization that could close any time.