Keep on Keepin on Until They Say STOP

For the last eleven years I've been a member of the Junior Chamber of Commerce (aka "Jaycees"). If you're not familiar with the organization, it's a member-service organization whose purpose is "leadership training through community service."

In other words, the organization creates and improves leaders through community involvement.

One of the biggest challenges the Jaycees face, around the world, is attracting new members (their version of "customers").

I've noticed a damaging flaw in many of the membership teams who are responsible for get prospects to join. They invite guests to meetings and functions, and if they don't join that night, they never contact them again! They don't "keep on keepin' on" with their sales and marketing efforts, and thus, lose these prospects forever.

Isn't that crazy?

I hate seeing this. Because I once held a membership position in the Jaycees for a one-year term... and during that year we recruited over 171 new members!

That was huge.

Know how my team did it? We constantly worked our list of prospects until they said, "stop calling me!"

We kept on calling until they said "Stop!"

Every function we held to attract new members had a guest sign-in sheet. They had to put their name, address, phone, and how they heard about the Jaycees.

The more information we had on them and their interests made it easy to invite them to the function that would be most beneficial to them.

Then, once they had a great experience, hopefully they would join.

We constantly worked our list. But, that's not my main point here.

The main point is, sometimes the opportunity you're offering your prospects IS RIGHT FOR THEM, but the timing isn't.

Your prospect's desires and circumstances constantly change.

==> Sometimes, it's a money issue.