Know Your Ego

During my Jaycee days way back in the 1970's through 1980's, I used to participate in Human Relations courses. As it is well known that Jaycees International is a personal development organization, unlike Rotary and Lions Club, Jaycees promote personal development through social service. To achieve this conducting courses on Human Relations is essential.

In the later years I began to conduct courses on this subject myself. Dale Carnegie book on friendship was my main source of teaching material.

Dale says to win friendships it is essential to use the words I, Me, My and Mine as minimum as possible. He poses a potential question 'Who is interested in you? Everybody is interested in himself!' So stop talking about yourself. But that is easier said than done. To see it for yourself he asks you to count the number of times people use these four words, poisonous, whenever they talk to you. Dale himself has painfully discovered that these four words are the most used words in any telephonic conversation

It is seldom possible to converse without using these words. But he who knows how and only when these words should be used, makes friendship easily. This age old time tested principle holds good even today, though highly sophisticated personal development training methods have evolved over time.