Making Your Wish List A Reality

We all have a wish list whether we realise it or not. It doesn’t have to be anything planned out, or even written down, but it is there all the same. We read an article in a magazine, or see something on TV and think how nice it would be to have a new car, three piece suite or holiday in the sun. All of these things are quietly stored away in the back of our minds, until we see something else to either add to the list or take the place of something we already wish we had. For the majority of people this is where the list stays, never coming close to being reality, a list of things that they actually own or have managed to do, but there are ways to make it a reality.

Saving is Not a Dirty Word

Not everyone has savings, for some the thought of saving money for a rainy day is something that they would never consider and never try to do. Their money does not have a chance to get warm in their account before it is withdrawn and frittered away on life’s necessities. For them the items on their wish list will forever be just a dream. Saving doesn’t mean that you can’t spend though, there are ways of saving money and still spending, you just have to be mindful of what you are doing. Putting aside a little money for a rainy day means that you have the opportunity to select an item off your wish list to turn it into a reality, not immediately but eventually.

Making it Simple

If there is something that you simply cannot live without, and need right away, but your savings are not about to cover the price any time soon, consider a credit card. With the right credit card in your hand you can get the items that you need and use the money that you are saving to meet the payments on the card every month. In this way you have something that you really want and can pay for it in smaller chunks over a longer period of time. Using a credit card is a much cheaper way of buying something than obtaining store credit for it and the interest rates are generally lower and the payment terms easier to live with.

If possible make payments that are a little more than the minimum monthly payment that the credit card company requires and you will save money on the amount of interest that they charge and get your bill paid off much faster. Remember to keep putting your savings money aside to meet the payments though or else you could end up in a whole heap of trouble. Compare the credit card companies against each other and see which one gives you the best deal such as the lowest interest rate, the best benefits and any other things that you feel are important. Should the details of your account services change, you can always transfer your credit card account to another provider.

By: Laura Ginn