Mistakes In Conducting Online Market Research

Not having in-depth knowledge of Market Research: Little knowledge is more dangerous than having no knowledge. The saying holds true for online market research too. If you don’t have complete knowledge of market research accepts it and stops moving heather and thither. Superficially looks very simple however the market research field is a complex one and involves a lot of technicalities and complexities. A small error could put your whole effort in- vain. If market research is done without understanding the basics you may end up with misleading conclusions that could put your business in jeopardy. Put it simply such kind of approach is worse than dong no market research in the first place. Hence before taking the service of an online sample company keep below mentioned facts in mind.

Do Deep Study in the Below Mentioned Area: Market research needs staying abreast with the latest trends and technologies. Having an in-depth understanding of market research requires meticulous and continuous studies. Go for books and editorials that can clear your concepts n the below mentioned fields:

(1) Qualitative vs. quantitative research

(2) Sampling and sampling error

(3) Question design and question bias

(4) Analysis of confidence levels and response rates

(5) Understanding questionnaire coding

Not eliminating sampling errors: Market research is all about gathering data and reaching to a conclusion on the basis of those gathered data. A single statistical error could change your overall perception about the market; hence it is very important to have an error free data n the first place to avoid any discrepancy. There are various means and methods that Online Market Research Company could use to rid their data of sampling and statistical errors.

Making decisions with inaccurate information: The whole gist of any market research depends on the accuracy of the data gathered during the overall process. It would be a blunder if we collect inaccurate and falsified data. The accuracy of the data should be ensured right at the time of creating samples and recruiting respondents. The accuracy could be checked at various levels however, checking the accuracy at the level of sampling is the most crucial one.

Writing bad questionnaires: Market research is not about creating a series of random questions and then blasting respondents with the. There is a deep psychology behind a question that helps people in assessing the real market scenario. Questionnaire should be developed only by people who have n-depth knowledge and understanding of online market research.

Eliminating Sampling Errors: Since, much of the success of a market research campaigns depends on the credibility of the sample taken, it is important to go for an effective sample in respect to size, number, locality and interest etc. Here are some methods to ensure an error free sample:

(1) Try to use true random sample

(2) Always track your participant and respondent

(3) Ensure proper removal and elimination of duplicates

(4) Avoid respondents with bad intentions

(5) Clean the data for oddities and other illegitimate records

(6) Offer incentives to participants and respondents (ether monetary or social)