Online Farmer - How A Typical Day Might Go When Supplementing Farm Income By Farming The Internet

Being an Online Farmer is not hard in a high tech environment and it is a good way to supplement on farm income without going off the farm. High speed Internet availability may be your answer. Communication and marketing is much easier in the current high tech environment.

An online farmer with technology at hand and working from home might expect a day in his or her life to go something like this.

Regular early morning rise, big breakfast and ready to check the crops. But wait a minute; it's not out to the fields but to the computer. You start by checking out any new developments in your network and updated any required statistics you may have received overnight.

Next you will want to check your websites to see if any need to be revised and updated. An online farmer knows that just like the field crops his online crops need to be cultivated and weeded. Or in this case the online farmer knows that a well cultivated site will increase customer or visitor participation. It will also help an online farmer's conversion rates.

Crops! Did I forget to mention what crops you would be farming? Well in this case we might go back to the old timer's vocabulary and pull up what they called a Sharecropper. If you do not know what a sharecropper is or was you should take time to look it up. It really does apply in the possibilities for an online farmer. Oh well! Some might refer to it as affiliate marketing or selling other peoples products. But the whole idea is it requires zero to very little seed money with other people furnishing the products or crops. Not too different from a sharecropper, your responsibility is that ugly four letter word called work.

What kind of crops will you farm? There are thousands of choices, just do an internet search for whatever comes to mind and put the word affiliate in front of it as in Affiliate Software or Affiliate Digital Products and you will be surprised at the number of offers.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way it is time to get on with an online farmer's typical day. The online farmer will submit his crops (affiliate programs) to lists or directories. These will be set up in a way to entice visitors to join your online farming program or in modern terms, joining your affiliate program. This is a good and highly accepted way of promoting the program.

Then it is getting about time to check for and record the new sales from any participation in your online farming products. If you have elected to sell a few hard goods there may be orders to check and process for timely delivery. You will also be checking to see if there are any new prospects looking to see what kind of products you offer. You will want to note their contact information and follow up with a communication and try to make them a new customer.

About this time an online farmer remembers that there may be customer questions to answer from overnight emails. This must be done very quickly because you know an untimely answer or even worse an unanswered email will turn off a prospect quicker than anything. Nobody wants to be ignored and customers are not always the most patient of all people. Send them a quick answer but make it professional and friendly. Word of caution, stay focused. A good policy that will help you stay focused is to work the important items off your list before checking the email.

And at the same time of doing the other necessities an online farmer may be logged on to an instant messenger program where he or she interacts with other online farmers or affiliates with like interests. Upon arrival, new messages will be called to your attention immediately. This is where you discuss things on how to best promote crops or products.

The online farmer realizes there are always new things to be learned, it is a continuous process. To do this you will want to log in and check what is being discussed on your favorite forum. You might look on it as the Coffee Shop. To locate a specific forum do an Internet search with the word forum included. Join in the discussions, sharing tips and advice is a good way of showing support. And there may be others out there wanting to join and may be enticed by the discussion that is going on. There will always be new opportunities ahead.

It's been days since the newsletters were published so it is about time for another issue of the online farmer publication. Time to check for new things happening in the market and to write about in the next issue of the publication.

The publication is an important tool in keeping the online farmer focused and up to date with any newly introduced products. At anytime it may be appropriate to include a sale or promotion that customers may want to know about. Prospective customers will also want to keep up with any deadlines in connection with sales or promotions shown in the written publications.