Organization For The Home - 3 Things Why Big Home Is Bad On Home Organizations Perspective

Many people dream on living in a big home. That's a dream of mine too, but obviously you have to remember that there are downsides of this on home organization's perspective.

In this article, I list three disadvantages of living in a big home from home organization's perspective. Then I list the solutions for these disadvantages.

It takes more time to declutter it

It's no surprise that living in a big home means it takes more time to declutter it. No matter if you are doing the decluttering the first time or are doing maintenance decluttering, in both of those cases the time it takes is more than living in a small home.

Decluttering the first time is obviously very time consuming, but try to be proactive in this activity. Doing even the smallest tasks as soon as possible reduces the amount of time used later for decluttering your home. Do things in small bites rather than try to do everything at once.

Takes too much time clean

Naturally, cleaning takes more time than when living in a small home. Not only is cleaning a bigger task to accomplish, but also for example cleaning the windows takes more time.

Try to be consistent in this activity when doing it. There is no way you can escape from this task, but deciding when to clean and doing this on consistent basis helps. If possible, try to accomplish this activity as soon as it's possible, so that you have more time for fun activities for the rest of the day.

Hard to keep organized

This is closely related to decluttering and how difficult it is to keep you home decluttered. But once you have done the initial home organization, you need to be consistent and proactive as well.