Proper Sprinting Technique - Using The Correct Foot Action

So are you interested in running fast? Would you like to know what separates the amateur sprinters from the professional ones? Well it all has to do with technique and training. As far as training goes that's going to take time and natural progression. But as far as your technique goes you can see results immediately. One of the most important aspects of your Sprint mechanics is your foot action.

Your foot action serves two purposes that allows you to run faster. The first purpose is that it supports your entire body weight during the support phase of your sprint cycle. And second, it propels the body forward during the drive phase. While your foot is in its natural cycle you have to remember to make sure your foot steps over the opposite knee while sprinting.

This will allow you to open up the stride length in a natural way and it will also allow for more power when your foot hits the ground. You'll notice that a lot of athletes break down at the end of their races. The reason why is because their leg cycle is out of sync. Just remember to keep a steady rhythm while sprinting and you should continue to keep your ankle stepping over the opposite knee.

Another important tip when it comes to your foot plant is that you must land on the balls of your feet. You shouldn't be too high on your foot and your heel should never touch the ground. Try to imagine running on hot coals while sprinting. This will keep you from spending too much time on the ground while running.

By: A.J. Jackson