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Rahul Gandhi's efforts bring relief for Noida farmers   by Pressbrief

in News / Press Releases    (submitted 2011-05-27)

While Mayawati government has been victimizing the Noida farmers following May 7 police firing on farmers, Rahul Gandhi has been making every effort to provide succor to the traumatized farmers and their families. Following his visit to the affected villages, he took a delegation of the farmers to Prime Minister to highlight their problems and requested for some relief for them.

The Prime Minister has now announced compensation package for the affected farmers. Those seriously injured will receive Rs 50,000 each while people with minor injuries will be given Rs 10,000. This will provide some succor to the affected farmers and their families besides giving them some confidence that there is someone to care for them.

Farmers in Bhatta Parsaul have been staging agitation against acquisition of their land and for fair payment of compensation. To keep things under wrap the state government has clamped prohibitory orders to keep prying eyes of media out.

As a MP from Uttar Pradesh concerned about the suffering of the farmers, Rahul Gandhi was first to reach out to them. He was appalled to hear brutalities committed on men and women alike. He saw burnt and destroyed properties, houses and vehicles.

During the Congress Convention at Varanasi Rahul Gandhi criticized the Mayawati government for ignoring the interests of the farmers by siding with the real estate and builders lobby. Instead of visiting the violence affected villages, the Mayawati government went to the extent of announcing that the violent incident there had nothing to do with the farmer's agitation.

Congress President Sonia Gandhi during the recent 83rd Congress Convention said that the Maywati government was not concerned about the suffering of the farmers. Even other political leaders cutting across party lines have criticized the Mayawati for grabbing the lands of the farmers in league with land mafia.

Announcement of the Prime Minister's compensation package further confirms that UP government is victimizing farmers. The BSP government is bent upon robbing the farmers of their lands as well livelihoods and handing over the same to real estates builders at exorbitant rates thereby earning handsome income. Besides it is creating huge scope for indulging into corruption by administrative authorities.

These glaring facts explains why the Mayawati government is more interested in land deals rather than attending to more pressing developmental problems of the state like power generation, health, education, employment creation and law and order.

In such a prevailing scenario in Uttar Pradesh dubious land acquisition deals coupled with rampant oppression and corruption, will continue to remain the burning issues there till the Mayawati government is defeated.

However, as ever responsive to the needs and sufferings of the people Rahul Gandhi, AICC General Secretary, had said, "I have been fighting for the people and will continue to fight for their cause." Being well wisher of the people he believes in action instead of mere words.