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Rahul Gandhi's struggle for farmers gathering force day by day   by Pressbrief

in News / Press Releases    (submitted 2011-05-30)

Rahul Gandhi reached out to beleaguered farmers of Bhatta Parsual on May 11 because the poor farmers were agitating since January against acquisition of their land and denial of fair compensation by the UP state government. Mayawati government did not bother to attend to the grievances of the poor farmers because it was hand in gloves with the builders lobby.

As a result police had a free hand to deal with the poor farmers. The UP police opened fire upon peaceful farmers resulting in deaths and serious injuries to farmers and their families. They went berserk and burnt and destroyed property and vehicles of the farmers. Even women were not spared.

The modus operandi of the Mayawati government has been to acquire the prime land of the farmers in the name of developmental activities and sell the same to private builders at the exorbitant rates thus making huge profit besides providing ample scope for corruption by state administration.

The concept of state responsibility and object of public service were altogether and deliberated discarded by Mayawati government. So much so that when the Allahabad High Court set aside the land acquisition in a certain case of Noida and questioned the very purpose for which the land was acquired, the Mayawati did not care to return the land to the farmers. Instead the state government offered to hike the rate of compensation. Such incidents clearly pointed to existence of conspiracy between the Mayawati government and the land mafia.

The oppression on the poor farmers compelled Raghul Gandhi to reach out to the farmers in their hour of dire and urgent need.

The cravings of builders for land and greed of Mayawati for money has produced catastrophic effect in the state. There is no body to look after the welfare of the people. Corruption is rampant. In the name of law and order, oppression is committed.

In the past, in 2008, farmers' protest began in Ghori Bachera, a village near Noida, demanding higher compensation. After the protest got violent, the government agreed to pay better compensation to farmers than was offered to them earlier. Later, in July 2010 Kansera, Zikarpur, Kripalpur, Jahangarh and Tappal villages in Aligarh began an agitation. By September 2010, following violent protests, the government raised the compensation rates. However, farmers' protests continued and this led the UP government to announce a new land acquisition policy.

Mayawati is recklessly indulging into land acquisition only because agriculture happens to be a State subject under the Constitution of India. While this has been wisely used by some states like Haryana to pay fair compensation to its farmers, Mayawati government is using it the other way to help the land mafia.

Now, as the farm politics is heating up in Uttar Pradesh, Rahul Gandhi has promised to get the Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill passed in the monsoon session of Parliament beginning mid-July. The Bill is intended to lay the new ground rules to acquire land for industrial and other purposes and to put a stop to exploitation of the farmers like the in Greater Noida case.

Clearly no other leader from any party came forward as fast to help the poor farmers except Rahul Gandhi who is determined to carry on the struggle of the poor farmers so as to ensure justice for them.