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So2 Test Chamber Used To Evaluate The Resistance To Corrosion   by Rodsi Bhatia

in Business / Industrial Mechanical    (submitted 2012-12-11)

SO2 test chamber is used to test the relative resistance to corrosion of product samples that are likely to encounter a combined SO2/salt spray/acid rain environment during their usual service life. Test specimens are placed in an enclosed chamber, and exposed to 1 of 2 possible changing climate cycles. It has wide range of applications in industries including automotive, aviation and space, plastics, building materials, clothing, chemicals and manufacturers of sports articles.

It is used for various purposes to simulate the conditions that a manufacturer or supplier product will be exposed to in actual service conditions. Our test chambers feature precise temperature and humidity control to create repeatable environmental conditions. Test chambers are suitable for numerous applications, including product shelf life, stability and package testing, light exposure and temperature evaluation studies, electronic component burn-in, TAPPI testing, plant growth, and insect rearing just to name a few.

Most of the modern Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber are constructed with utmost care so as to deliver precise results and can also be customized as per the requirements of business or industrial houses or scientific laboratories. The interiors of the chamber are plated with an anti-corrosive PVC plate with no scope of gas being leaked to the outside air stream. Since the chamber has transparent walls, it is possible to check the status of tests while standing outside. Double gas filters are fitted to ensure that the air exhausted outdoor does not pollute the environment. Digital controls and sophisticated technology ensures reliability and safety. Thus, Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber is the best method to evaluate the resistance of corrosion of different metal surfaces.

Weiber SO2 Salt Spray Test Chamber is provided with two doors, the inner door is made of thick plexi glass/float glass to view the specimen/culture media/stocks, without disturbing the temperature of the chamber. The door is provided with magnetic door closer. The outer door is made of mild steel sheet lined with stainless steel from inside. The door is provided with lock and key arrangement. The unit is mounted on a sturdy steel frame the unit is provided with customized shelves in various permutations and combinations to suit individual requirements.

This equipment allows selective and reproducible accelerated corrosion testing complying with the requirements of relevant national and international standards. By using these tests the user is able to make statements regarding the corrosion resistance of his products, or to take corrosion-inhibiting measures. Our units meet the extremely high design and material requirements necessary for continuous exposure to corrosive test atmospheres.