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Stormpay, 12 Daily Pro and the Internet Farmers   by Elaine Currie

in Business / ECommerce    (submitted 2006-02-21)

Copyright 2006 Elaine Currie

Working on the Internet can be dangerous: if you are not careful you can pick up a virus or a Trojan; opening an email might unleash a dangerous worm; you can get diverted, hijacked and spied upon. As long as you are aware of the dangers, you can take sensible precautions and enjoy the Internet in safety. Sometimes, however, the danger comes from an entirely unexpected direction. The following is a true story but some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Once, not so long ago, Internet chicken farming was a popular occupation. After all, most people use eggs in one form or another. The biggest profits were earned by the farmers who could afford to invest the most in their businesses. However, with a little work and careful reinvestment, the poorer farmers were able to build up their stock and improve their situation. Although not everyone was able to see the benefits of chicken farming it was, overall, a good life and even people with no previous experience and little capital to invest were able start their own business.

Sour Grapes said: "You're safer working for a boss".

John Farmer said: "I must try, I'll never get rich working for a boss".

Experience said: "Diversify".

As more and more chicken farmers became successful, word spread and increasing numbers of people took an interest in the business. Many people took up chicken farming in a small way to supplement their wages from everyday jobs. People liked chicken farming, it did not take up too much of their spare time and they appreciated the extra income it brought them.

Sour Grapes said: "It isn't a proper job".

John Farmer said: "If this works out as planned, I can quit my job".

Experience said: "Diversify".

One day a new breed of bird was introduced to the chicken farming community. A few intrepid farmers added the new bird to their stock and found that it was just as easy to rear as everyday hens. The big difference was the new bird laid golden eggs regularly every 12 days. The new bird was called 12 Daily Egg Provider, I'll call it 12 Daily Pro for short.

Sour Grapes said: "No such thing as golden eggs".

John Farmer said: "I heard it's true. I intend to try it out."

Experience said: "Diversify".

Word quickly spread throughout the community that 12 Daily Pro did, indeed, lay golden eggs. Each egg produced by 12 Daily Pro was worth many times the value of an ordinary hen's egg. More and more farmers started to rear some12 Daily Pro alongside the common hen. People who had never even considered chicken farming previously set themselves up as 12 Daily Pro farmers.

Sour Grapes said: "It won't last a month".

John Farmer said: "Even just a few golden eggs, will give me more money than I ever dreamed of".

Experience said: "Diversify".

Everybody turned on Experience and asked: "Can't you say anything else apart from "diversify"?"

Experience explained: "Even egg farmers need multiple streams of income, not just one or two. Grow some crops, develop a sideline as a mechanic, paint pictures, anything, just don't rely on one or two sources of income. You never know what the future holds"

Everyone was astonished at the length of this statement from the normally taciturn Experience, but they soon forgot and few people took the advice. New farmers kept 12 Daily Pro as their only stock because they couldn't see the point in rearing birds that could only produce ordinary eggs. Even some of the more experienced farmers started to reduce their numbers of common hens and relied more and more upon 12 Daily Pro.

Sour Grapes said: "It'll all be finished by Thanksgiving".

John Farmer said: "I've never before made so much money so quickly".

Experience went back to: "Diversify" but when everyone turned and stared at him he added: "you would miss hens' eggs if there weren't any".

Thanksgiving came and went and, in under a year, many 12 Daily Pro farmers became quite rich and there was a growing trend in the community to give up breeding hens in favour of 12 Daily Pro farming.

Sour Grapes said: "It'll be over by Christmas".

John Farmer said: "I don't care much for eggs anyway".

Experience said: "Without eggs there would be no cakes: pancakes, meringues, omelettes..."

Christmas passed uneventfully for the farmers but January brought them a shock. They discovered that all the chicken feed in the whole world had been taken over by a disreputable ex-farmer, ex-lawyer named Mr Stormpay. Stormpay informed the farmers that they had a choice: to buy feed from him at inflated prices or to go without and let their birds starve. This type of choice is called "Hobson's choice", on the Internet it's called "scampay".

Sour Grapes said: "See, I was right".

John Farmer said: "There's no alternative".

Experience said: "...mayonnaise, batter, custard..."

The farmers paid Stormpay for the feed but he didn't deliver it. He kept the farmers' money and poured all the feed they had paid for into the swill at his pig farm. The farmers tried to reason with Stormpay about the unfairness of the situation but he used lawyers to prevaricate. As Stormpay had all their money, the farmers could not afford to hire lawyers to help them. Without the feed, 12 Daily Pro golden egg production ceased immediately. The strongest of the common hens were able to continue laying their ordinary eggs because they could survive on the grubs and greens they could peck at around the farms but, as the farmers had concentrated so much on 12 Daily Pro, there were not very many hens left, eggs became scarce and the farming community experienced terrible suffering.

Sour Grapes said: "Shouldn't have put all your eggs in one basket".

John Farmer said: "It was a mistake to give in to Stormpay's blackmail".

Experience said: "Shakespeare was right about lawyers".

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