Teacher Success Hinges On Organization

In any classroom in the country, organization is the name of the game. When you’re dealing with thirty little bodies in a classroom, you’re not going to make it through the day unless you’re 100 percent prepared. And if you can’t find your supplies, your job will be that much more difficult.

If you’re not naturally organized, there are organizational tools that you can use to better configure your supplies. Having a messy room doesn’t connote professionalism, so it’s important to get your act together. Because your classroom budget is probably minuscule, you’ll have to really stretch your dollar to buy the right organizational implements and tools.

One way to buy more for less is through an educational exchange site, which is simply a website for school professionals to buy and sell goods and services. For example, if you need to buy a small storage system for your math manipulatives, you may find a product that fits the bill at the online educational exchange. The online site offers a way for unwanted and used school supplies to be bought and sold from around the country, so you can buy products for less than retail.

On the other hand, if you have a magical organization system for records, you could sell your handy system to other school professionals by using the educational exchange. Whether you have a storage system that you’ve created, or you just can’t use your old organization kit, you can sell the item to a school or teacher who could really use it.

Maybe you’ve devised a scorekeeping system that’s second to none. While most schools have online scorekeeping methods, most teachers still manually record some scores. Teachers who aren’t so organized may want to use a part of their classroom budget to buy your scorekeeping system.

Whatever your great idea is, other schools may be looking for what you’ve got to offer. You can test the waters by putting your special item up for sale on the educational network site, since it’s free to post items there that you want to sell.

For every teacher that is meticulously organized, there is another teacher who could really use some help. Don’t hog your wonderful organizational system – recreate it into a product that you can sell to other educators. You’ll not only make money, you’ll also help someone regain control of his or her classroom environment.