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Ultra Low Temperature Test Chamber For Pharmaceutical And Food Industry   by Rodsi Bhatia

in Business / Industrial Mechanical    (submitted 2012-11-19)

The Ultra Low Temperature Chamber embodies the high performance of a full-size chamber. It features T-instrumentation for constant operation or P-instrumentation for program operation covering 10 patterns, 99 steps per pattern. The HFC refrigerant, which is zero ozone depletion potential, is used to protect the global environment. Weiber has acquired expertise in designing and manufacturing of Ultra Low Temperature Test rooms. The chamber carries test methods for cold test.

The chamber maintains a uniform atmosphere of cold dried air at specified temperature. Weiber Test Chamber is fully made of stainless steel. The Ultra highLow Temperature Test rooms are used to measure temperature extremes; from freeze tolerance to heat stress. These rooms are primarily used for age-hardening, stress relieving, expansion assembly, industrial cooling, martensiting, dimensional stabilization, epoxy storage, heat treating and production chilling applications. Weiber specializes in both standard and customized Ultra Test chamber in both walk-in and reach-in designs.Weiber Ultra highLow Temperature Test Chamber maintains temperature of -85 and -180 deg C inside the chamber. It offers low operating costs, less energy usage.

Temperature test chamber with mechanical refrigeration systems achieve temperatures as low as -84C (-120F) and temperature chambers has fast temperature change rates. Double-layer high-temperature resistant and high-intensity seal is adopted between the chamber door and the chamber body in order to ensure the obturation of the testing area. The Chamber operates at a low temperature under full lighting without temperature defrosts spikes. Glass side walls provide a full view of each shelf without disturbing experimental set up. The Chamber features defrost system with full lighting, glass side walls, easy sample mounting, large area, easy to operate and excellent reliability.

The Chamber is used for the characterization of pharmaceutical samples or plastics. Designed with heavy-duty construction, units are built-to-last for years of trouble-free operation. The Agriculture Test Chambers are designed for various types of cold storage applications from light duty storage in areas where laboratory freezers aren't adequate to heavy-duty applications for harsh environments. The test room is designed to meet the requirements of low-temperature research. Weiber digital Ultra Low Temperature test chamber is ideal equipment for cooling and keeping temperature to impact specimen. It offers application in Chemical, pharmaceutical, food and petroleum industry. We offer a standard range of competitively priced ultra low temperature chambers. This Equipment is designed for testing of different types of methods and allied products at low & ultra low temperature treatment test in Test rooms.